I want to be one of the first truckers into the event on Saturday morning September 16th. Will the gates open again on the Friday night, September 15th for early arrivals like previous years?

YES…Gates open Friday September 15th at 6:00 PM for diesel vehicles only. This early entry pre-staging lot will remain open throughout the night until 6:00 AM the next morning. You’ll be parked in the spectator lot /new diesel powered pick-up truck lot until the pit gates open at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning for you to enter the pit side lot. ONLY diesel powered vehicles may park or enter in the event. The first to arrive will be parked how you arrive and that is how you’ll enter the pit side lot on Saturday morning beginning at 7:00 AM. First in means, first to get over to the pit side of the track. REMINDER: NO GAS POWERED VEHICLES MAY ENTER ON FRIDAY OR SATURDAY. NO EXCEPTIONS WHAT SO EVER. This is a diesel event only for diesel tractors (no trailers) and for diesel powered pick-up trucks. ALL gas powered vehicles will be parked in the general parking area.

Are you still allowing Diesel Powered Pick-Up trucks to attend?

Of course…absolutely. However in the interest of safety ALL diesel powered Pick-Up trucks with regular standard issued non-commercial license plates will now have their own designated controlled pit area to park all together. They WILL NOT be parking this year or any year in the future with the 1,500 expected FULL SIZE DIESEL tractor trucks in the regular pit side lot. The spectator side west lot of the racetrack will be reserved for the 1,000 expected diesel powered pick-up trucks. The ONLY diesel powered pick-up trucks allowed to park with the Big Rigs on the main pit side will be diesel pick-ups with COMMERCIAL license plates. NO EXCEPTIONS.

What if a diesel powered pick-up truck has all of the barbeque stuff, tent, tables chairs etc. for the normal tailgating parties that go on at the USDTN event?

If the diesel pick-up truck has COMMERCIAL LICENSE PLATES it will be allowed to park with the rest of the big rigs parked on the pit side. NO GAS POWERED VEHICLES ALLOWED ON THE PIT SIDE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

What is NEW for the 41st Annual USDTN event in 2017?

The Napp Family (owners of RP) and the management staff of Raceway Park are making this year’s event the biggest in its 40 year history. They’ve confirmed with ELIZABETH TRUCK CENTER and CAR CRAFT (co-sponsors of the USDTN event at Raceway Park) that they’ll be some great new custom tractor creations. In addition, there won’t be 2, 4 or even 6 Monster trucks. They’ll be 8 Monster trucks this year at the USDTN event. The most ever at Raceway Park all at one time. The amazing XDP staff has been busy with additional manufacturers and guests to be on the XDP Diesel Pickup West Side lot.

Plus they’ll be Jet Dragsters and Jet Funny Cars along with Bob Motz’s Jet Powered Kenworth that appears only once a year at Raceway Park at this event.

What about diesel powered pick-up show judging?

Diesel powered pick-up trucks with commercial license plates will be judged at the 2017 event along with the Big Rigs in the east side lot Show Judging Area near the lake. Diesel powered pick-up trucks without commercial license plates will be judged in the west side lot. Listen to 87.9 on your FM radio for show judging announcements and location. There will be a by invitation only diesel powered pick-up truck section on the Xtreme Diesel Powered Pick Up Truck side of the racetrack. Contact XDP www.xdp.com by August 17th for qualifications to be parked in the XDP Elite show area. Be prepared to send photos and description of your pick up.

Can I win tickets anywhere to attend this year’s event?

YES… The event official sponsor THE TRUCK BUYERS GUIDE and the official radio station of the USDTN event THUNDER 106.3 and THUNDER 106.5 have promotional contests to enter to win tickets to the USDTN event on Saturday September 16th.

If I have more than one diesel truck can I enter the drag racing portion of the event and compete for class trophy and King of the Hill for the $5,000.00 cash prize?

YES…but one driver per truck. No switching drivers if one of your trucks happens to loose in competition. The same driver who registers the truck must stay with the truck throughout eliminations.

If I want to register my company fleet of trucks to be show judged for BEST FLEET do I bring all of my trucks to the show judging lot near the lake?

NO…In order to be judged for BEST FLEET you must walk to the show judge tent area between 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM in the lot at the end of the lake and register your fleet while giving your pit location. The show judges will come to you between 12 Noon and 2:30 PM to judge your fleet for BEST FLEET. This is the only time the judges will come to your area to view the entire fleet together. ALL other classes for BIG RIG show judging are judged in the show judge lot. Show judging hours are 9:00 AM until 2: 30 PM.

How come I can’t bring my gas powered pick-up truck, car or SUV into the pits so that I can park with my friends?

This event is THE largest single day ALL DIESEL TRUCK EVENT IN THE USA. No other event compares. Now that the diesel powered pick-up trucks with regular highway license plates have their own lot to themselves to park in – this will open up the BIG RIG lot only for more and more expected diesel tractors. It’s still expected to be jammed packed even though the diesel pick-up trucks have been re-located. But to answer your question… space is still limited and gas powered vehicles will still NOT be allowed in the main pit side east and west side paved participant and exhibitor areas . All gas powered vehicles will have to park in the outside outer spectator parking lots and walk to the main participant areas. The event is so popular and well attended that there is simply not enough room for gas powered spectator vehicles to park with friends and family.

If I want to race and show my Big Rig diesel truck – is it extra to do so?

Nope…One participant ticket allows you to either race, show, or to do both all for $40 dollars.

What goes on before the 7:00 PM Motorsports Spectacular?

Oh boy!!! So much! Tens of thousands of diesel truck fans attend early so that they can enjoy the country’s largest all diesel truck event. You can walk the huge pit area and look at the country’s finest 1,500 diesel trucks gathered in one place on one day. You can walk through the huge manufacturers midway where you can view the latest and greatest with everything related to diesels. The PESCE Family from Elizabeth Truck Center and Car Craft will have about a dozen of THE most spectacular trucks created that will debut at the USDTN event this year. You can check out the MONSTER TRUCKS, JET CARS, THE JET TRUCK, and much much more. Gates open for spectators officially at 9:00 AM for the all morning and afternoon diesel activities and then when the sun goes down beginning at 7:00 PM the U.S. DIESEL TRUCKIN’ NATIONALS MOTORSPORTS
SPECTACULAR begins and runs through 10:00 PM along with the final King Of The Hill eliminations and biggest show truck parade of 1st place winners. You can see it all from your seat.

I think the question above covers my question. I’ve been told that the PESCE Family is putting an extraordinary line up together for this year’s event.

Steve Sr., Steve Jr., Anthony, Kim, Deb and the ELIZABETH TRUCK CENTER / CAR CRAFT staff have been working since the conclusion of the 2016 event to create some of the coolest custom diesel tractors for this year’s event. Be sure to visit the Elizabeth Truck Center huge display behind the main grandstand next to the show awards stage. It’s located behind the great big white wall near the staging lanes. You can’t miss it! The famous ETC orange BEAST will be on the corner.

Last year I saw that there were people sitting closer to the starting line. Are these different seats then the rest of the 20,000 seats?

YES…The very first section of seats are reserved seats on the main pit side. So no matter how crowded it gets you’ll always have a seat to come back to. You can order these seats online on this website now or by simply telephoning (732)-446-7800 between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM. Everyone who wants either a General Admission seat or a Reserved Seat will get one.

This event has unlimited seating and there are NO SELL OUTS. General admission $30 for adults. Kids under 12 are just $10. Reserve seats additional $5/person.

I work for a diesel truck business and the owner asked me to ask you about GROUP DISCOUNT TICKETS and also about the hospitality suites. Do you sell group tickets and do you rent the hospitality suites by the event?

Groups of 31 or more receive a group discount price when purchasing advanced tickets for their business or company employee and their families. Contact CHERYL BECK @ (732) 786-5410 or cbeck@racewaypark.com for more information. As far as the Raceway Park hospitality suites that you inquired about. These are available but are limited as they rent very fast for this event for small companies with small groups of 30 people or less. They sell out every year. So if you desire a suite for your small group or company, simply contact KATE HILTON @ (732)-786-5410 between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM on most weekdays. The suites are air conditioned and heated. They host 20 people seated in theatre style level seating and hold an additional 10 guests standing. Twenty admission credentials come with the suite and ten additional suite only credentials are provided for people you may run into at the event to invite up to your private suite. Catering available.

If my diesel related business would like to set up a display in the commercial display area and manufacturers midway area how do I register my company to do so.

This area is limited because of space limitations for participants and tailgaters on the main pit side. All diesel related businesses welcome. However the following businesses ARE NOT available. No food or beverage businesses. Chrome Accessories and T-shirt businesses are already SOLD OUT. This is a family event with thousands and thousands of families with children attending – so nothing distasteful or vulgar. If you have a business that you’d like to solicit the huge crowd you may register by filling out the registration form elsewhere on this web site under Commercial Displays. You’ll be notified if you’ve been accepted after registering. For more information or if you have questions that the tab on this web site doesn’t explain simply contact Raceway Park by telephoning (732)-446-7800 between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM on any weekday.

Can I bring my own food and beverage?

Yes and NO. YES for pit participants and tailgaters. Just NO ALCOHOL and NO GLASS CONTAINERS. All food and beverage for tailgating must be brought in your primary diesel vehicle. NO extra vehicles allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Space is limited so be sure to plan correctly. Anyone with an extra vehicle will be directed to park in the main spectator parking area. We wish we had more room to accommodate extra vehicles that have the tailgating supplies, but we simply don’t. For spectators…only 6 pack side coolers allowed to be brought in when you walk in from the main spectator parking lots. NO ALCOHOL and NO GLASS CONTAINERS. NOTE: RACEWAY PARK has dozens of food stands that sell all of your favorite food and beverage items.

I like Big Rigs but I now also like and a drive Diesel Pickup Truck, what goes on for Diesel Pickups?

Oh Boy, have you asked the right question!! Dan, Bob & the entire XDP staff have made the USDTN event into a Spectacular “Be There!!” event. Over 1,000 Diesel Pickups, 50+ Manufacturers and much, much more for Diesel Pickups enthusiasts. The XDP Dyno will be here, Music, Demonstrations, etc. Plus the entire XDP Race Team will be in action. Monster Trucks, Modified Pickups, Show vehicles and more.

However, if you want to park your Diesel Pickup in the Main West Side Lot, you will have to arrive very early, Once it’s filled, you will be parked outside and have to walk in.