I have heard all sorts of rumors about the TBG / ETC 42 nd Annual U.S. DIESEL TRUCKIN’ NATIONALS & MONSTER TRUCK MASH UP event at Raceway Park not taking place in 2018. Can you explain what’s up please?

These were just rumors. The show must go on and it will go on. The date for the 42nd year of this great event at Raceway Park will be Saturday, September 15th, 2018. Mark your calendars and tell your friends and co-workers that the show is on as always.

Has Raceway Park been SOLD or closed down?

NO, Raceway Park has not been sold and it has not closed down. The third generation NAPP Family still owns and operates Raceway Park. The NAPP Family built and has presented events at Raceway Park since 1965 (53 years). What has changed beginning in 2018 is that there WILL NOT be anymore drag racing activities or drag racing events at Raceway Park. A portion of the Raceway Park land including parts of the drag strip, pit area and parking areas have in fact been leased for an alternative use. With regards to the largest single day Big Rig diesel truck show – the 42nd Annual U.S. DIESEL TRUCKIN’ NATIONALS & MONSTER TRUCK MASH UP on Saturday, September 15th, 2018 at Raceway Park, the event for 2018 will feature a fully judged Big Rig Truck Show with more than 50 show classes awarding trophies to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place show winners in each Big Rig show class. They’ll be the country’s largest diesel Big Rig tailgate party and picnic with an expected 1000+ diesel big rigs in attendance (based on fair weather conditions). They’ll be dozens of big rig diesel exhibitors and vendors. And of course a Fast Family Fun Monster Truck Mash Up show in the evening for all in attendance to enjoy. The evening Monster Truck Mash Up show will be run under fair weather conditions as determined by the show organizers. The Big Rig truck show will go on rain or shine. Of course we all hope for another beautiful Saturday as has been the case since 2015 three years in a row.

What about the event layout. Has this changed?

It will be different than the past 41 years “if” the land that has been leased out is in fact occupied by Saturday, September 15th, 2018 (event day). It will be different in the fact that the show will be divided into three separate areas for the Big Rigs to park, picnic, and tailgate as well as to be judged for the show. Raceway Park will not know this until after the summer. If you are planning on attending for the first time, or if you’re returning for the 42nd year, plan for a change in the footprint of the event. If it doesn’t change then it will be all 1,000 expected diesel Big Rigs all on one side of the property again along with the exhibitors and vendors. If not, then there will be an all new foot print. Remember…the USDTN event will go on as compared to so many other Raceway Park events that have been terminated for good.

I own a diesel powered pick up truck. Will this year’s USDTN event include diesel pick up trucks like past years?

Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on who you ask) diesel pick up trucks WILL NOT be a part of this year’s 2018 USDTN event. This is due to the possible new foot print and the loss of land that Raceway Park’s leasing out for an alternative use. The U.S. DIESEL TRUCKIN’ NATIONALS was built on Big Rigs starting way back in 1976 when Raceway Park approached Crazy Eddie to sponsor the very first event at Raceway Park. That’s when the event was born and it continues to be the largest single day big rig truck show in the USA to this day. So…the event will continue to live on in 2018 for Big Rigs ONLY. Diesel pick up truck owners and enthusiasts are of course welcome to attend the USDTN event in 2018 as they always have been….the only difference is that they’ll have to park in the general spectator parking lots and walk in to enjoy the Big Rig show and evening Monster Truck Mash Up family thrill show.

I have a question similar to the one above. I am attending with a fleet of trucks. Our company has their once a year family picnic at the USDTN event every single year. Will I be able to drive my diesel powered pick up truck in with all of the tailgating and picnic items?

Very good question…. YES, of course. The same procedure for this year’s event will be the same as previous years. “IF” your company diesel pick up truck vehicle has commercial license plates or if your pick up truck is lettered with your company’s business name on the side and it enters at the same time as your big rigs then you’re pick up truck with the picnic tailgating supplies will be let in with all your supplies and equipment. No problem. However, if it comes at a later time in the day, it will not be allowed in. Sorry.

The USDTN event is always our family’s favorite Raceway Park event to attend every year. What if it rains, what is the raindate?

The USDTN big rig truck show and world’s largest tailgate party portion will go on for big rig owners and there families and employees rain or shine. The evening Monster Truck Mash Up will only be conducted based on dry weather at show time for safety reasons. There will be no raindate this year. The truck show portion and exhibitors / vendor portions will go on rain or shine. It won’t be the usual USDTN amazing Big Rig & Monster Truck Show as past years were….Unfortunately everybody looses if it rains I’m sorry to write here. Hope for good weather for Saturday, September 15th and start making your plans to attend as always.

I want to be one of the first truckers into the event on Saturday morning, September 15th. Will the gates open again on the Friday night before for early pre-staging and parking?

NO….not this year. Do to a portion of the Raceway Park land being leased out for an alternative use not related to drag racing some of the land used in the past will not be available for pre-staged early entry parking. All early arrivals (Big Rigs Only) will be staged outside in the outer parking fields on roadway isles. (Like in earlier years) These early arrivals will be allowed to purchase their entry tickets first on Saturday morning, Sept. 15th and will be the first trucks to enter to find parking spots and tailgating spots. A portion of this years event (tailgaters) will be possibly held on grass. TBD.

I wish to go back to the diesel pick up trucks. So you’re not allowing diesel pick up trucks inside the event in 2018?

That is correct. Not by choice. It’s do to the space available to conduct the event and also that there will no longer be any drag racing activities at the event. Diesel pick up truck attendees primarily attend to drag race. The USDTN event has grown by leaps and bounds since 2013 when we separated the diesel pick up truck owners from the big rig owners. It was like two different events going on at the same time on different sides of the property. However do to space limitations and without drag racing classes, this year’s event will be for Diesel Big Rig owners ONLY. As mentioned above.

What’s new for the 42nd Annual USDTN event in 2018?

The NAPP Family (owners of RP) and the management staff of Raceway Park are restructuring the event and facility so that the event can go on. This is the ONLY major event planned at Raceway Park for 2018. No more NHRA Summernationals, no more Night Of Thrills, No more drag racing events. The only major feature event is the TBG & ETC sponsored U.S. DIESEL TRUCKIN’ NATIONALS & MONSTER TRUCK MASH UP event. The big rig truckers have voiced that they still want a U.S. DIESEL TRUCKIN’ NATIONALS event so the NAPP Family and it’s major supporters ETC & TBG along with dozens of others like PPG have said….”LETS DO IT…THE SHOW MUST GO ON!” And it will. It will feature a fully judged Big Rig Truck Show and an evening Monster Truck Mash Up show along with plenty of exhibitors and vendors. Just no drag racing of any kind.

Can I win tickets anywhere to attend this year’s event?

YES… The official sponsors of the show are TBG (Truck Buyers Guide) and ETC (Elizabeth Truck Center). Both will be offering contests to win tickets. Also radio stations like THUNDER 106 will be promoting the show as they always do every year. They’ll have ticket giveaway contests as well.

So…as I read here, there will be no drag racing what so ever?

YES, that is correct. This year do to Raceway Park leasing out a portion of there land for an alternative use other than drag racing, this year’s show will not include any drag racing what so ever. Tentatively all show judging will be done on the actual drag strip itself in front of the grandstands “if” the shows foot print changes from previous years. The Monster Truck Mash Up evening thrill show will feature Monster trucks in a Mash Up competition (sorry, no jet cars or the jet powered Kenworth unfortunately) on the drag strip in front of the main grandstands like all previous years.

If I want to register my company fleet of trucks to be show judged for BEST FLEET, do I bring all of my trucks to the show judging area?

NO….In order to be judged for BEST FLEET you must walk to the show judge tent area between 9 AM and 11:30 AM and register your fleet while giving your exact pit location. The show judges will come to you between 12 Noon and 2:30 PM to judge your fleet with all of your trucks parked together. This is the only time the judges will come to your area to view the entire fleet together. ALL other show classes for BIG RIG show judging are judged in the designated show judging area which will be on the actual drag strip or in the previous area near the lake. TBD.

How come I can’t bring my gas powered pick-up truck, car or SUV into the big rig participant area so that I can park with my friends?

This event has been the largest single day truck show in the country since 1976 and it has grown to capacity over the last three years. No other event compares. Even with the elimination of over 1000 diesel pick up trucks and diesel big rig trucks not drag racing at this event, the event is expected to be packed to capacity with hundreds of picnics and over 500+ big rig tailgaters as well as 200+ trucks entering the show portion of the event. It’s expected to be jammed packed based on fair weather conditions. All gas powered vehicles will have to park in the general parking areas and walk in because of space limitations. If you have tailgate and picnic supplies you’re advised to get the supplies and equipment in with a diesel powered pick up truck or a business pick up truck that is lettered if you don’t wish to load up your Big Rig.

What goes on before the 7:00 PM MONSTER TRUCK MASH UP THRILL SHOW?

Attendees can walk around and look at the show trucks as well as the expected 700+ tailgaters who attended with there Big Rig trucks. This is really the main USDTN show…the trucks themselves. It’s like the world’s largest Truck Stop at Raceway Park. You can also walk through the exhibitors and vendor midway area. Visit the ETC Elite area. Get autographs from the Monster Truck drivers and take hundreds of photos of the 1000+ expected big rigs on site. BIG RIGS WILL ROCK THE DAY! MONSTER TRUCKS WILL SHOCK THE NIGHT at the 42nd Annual USDTN event on Sept. 15th.

I work for a diesel truck business and the owner asked me to ask you about GROUP DISCOUNT TICKETS for our company picnic and also about the hospitality suites. Do you sell group tickets and do you rent the hospitality suites for the USDTN event?

Groups of 31 or more receive a group discount price when purchasing advanced general admission tickets for their businesses or company employees and their families. Simply contact Raceway Park by phone (732)-446-7800 Monday’s thru Thursday’s between August 15th and September 13th. You can also e-mail your ticket requests by e-mailing info@racewaypark.com With regards to the hospitality suites….these suites are available for rent. Be advised that they do rent out very fast for this event. Each suite will hold up to 30 people total. A few suites will hold up to 60 people. The suites are air-conditioned. Catered food and beverage service is available. Contact Kate Hilton at Raceway Park via e-mail. khiltonRP@aol.com or telephone (732)-446-7800 Extension #2113.

If my diesel related business would like to set up a display in the commercial display area and manufacturers midway area how do I register my company to so?

The area is limited because of space limitations. All diesel related businesses welcome. However the following businesses ARE NOT available. No food or beverage businesses. All chrome accessories and t-shirt businesses are already SOLD OUT. This is a family event with thousands and thousands of families with children attending – so nothing distasteful or vulgar. If you have a business that you’d like to solicit the expected huge crowd (based on fair weather conditions) you may register by filling out the registration form elsewhere on this web site under Commercial Displays. You’ll be notified if you’ve been accepted after registering. For more information or if you have questions that the tab on this web site doesn’t explain, simply contact Raceway Park via e-mail: info@racewaypark.com or you may contact the main office by telephoning (732)-446-7800 Ext. # 0 Monday’s thru Thursday’s 10:00 AM thru 5:00 PM and listening to the phone extension selection prompts.

Can I bring my own food and beverage?

Yes and No. YES for pit participants and tailgaters. Just NO ALCOHOL and NO GLASS CONTAINERS. All food and beverage for tailgating must be brought in your primary diesel vehicle. NO extra vehicles or deliveries allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Space is limited so be sure to plan correctly. Anyone with an extra vehicle will be directed to park in the main spectator parking area. Raceway Park wishes they had more room to accommodate extra vehicles that have the tailgating supplies, but they simply do not. For spectators… only 6 pack size coolers allowed to be brought in when you walk in from the main spectator parking lots. NO ALCOHOL and NO GLASS CONTAINERS. NOTE: RACEWAY PARK has dozens of food stands that sell all of your favorite food and beverage item.

If you have further questions regarding the 42nd Annual TBG / ETC sponsored U.S. DIESEL TRUCKIN’ NATIONALS BIG RIG TRUCK SHOW & MONSTER TRUCK MASH UP FAMILY THRILL SHOW, please e-mail your questions to: info@racewaypark.com or phone Raceway Park (732)-446-7800 Monday’s thru Thursday’s 10:00 AM thru 5:00 PM.